For Children

…is an audio adventure in verse form aimed at children aged 7-11.

Roald Dahl meets Eminem (with a touch of Philip Pullman)

This is a pilot episode that I made on a shoestring because I was so frustrated with trying to explain my idea to people.

I have ten episodes planned; each five-to-ten minute episode exists in its own right as a stand-alone story, with an overarching plot linking the ten episodes when heard in sequence.

Bogle has two main protagonists, Rosa and Moss, who find an abandoned ice-cream van in the woods, which transports them to a different world with every episode. Each new world is inspired by and embedded with a classic poem drawn from the treasure trove of the English poetry canon.

The poem featured in this first episode is The Kraken by Alfred Lord Tennyson. Future episodes are set to include titles such as: The Tyger by William Blake, Ozymandias by Shelley and Kubla Khan by Coleridge.

This product would work nicely as an: Audiobook, CD, podcast, iTunes download, and would be perfect for radio.

Please, somebody, give me the money to make the other nine episodes: this stuff is so time-consuming to write and produce that I simply can’t do it without. A man’s gotta eat. I just know it could be massive with the right backing and distribution.